Engagement Shoot

I’m finding I’m doing more and more engagement shoots for couples and they are really good fun.


I try and do as many as possible outside using the environment thats readily available, only shooting indoors when it turns cold. I find it useful for the couple as they can get used to being photographed and it also shows how quickly I can work.


In both the shoots we managed four distinct locations in the same area, both parks, and the entire shoot took less than twenty minutes. I’v chosen a summer and late autumn shoot to show the different times of year.

The summer picture of Dave and Emma on the right, was taken in August about six weeks before their big day, they had a picture framed with a large boarder for all their guests to sign. The image of Tiberiu and Aurelia on the left, was taken in late October although with the weather we had last year, it might have looked similar to the sky's we had in June!